Tenant Tip#2: Beware of Scams

View Time: 1:55min

Of late, a lot of scammers have been stealing property details, and photos to pass them as their own online to then extract money from the unsuspected tenants; please be careful. There are a few things you can do to avoid this like checking who is the owner on the land registry online.

Please, do get in touch with me, Sarah, for completely free advice and other tips to avoid this distressing situation. Let's beat the scammers together.

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Tenant Tip#1: Get Ready For The Cold Season

View time: 1:06 min.

In this video, Sarah explains why it is important to start checking your heating system before the cold weather arrives, this then avoids an unpleasant experience when dealing with the issues that could arise.

Help us help you in having a comfortable cold season!

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